4 exciting mid-autumn activities with your kids

As the air turns crisp and the leaves take on their golden hues, it's that time of year again – the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is upon us. Celebrated in many East Asian cultures, this festival is a time for family gatherings, moon gazing, and indulging in delectable mooncakes. But it's also a perfect occasion to engage in some exciting activities with your loved ones, especially the little ones in your life. 

1. Mooncake making 

What's a Mid-Autumn Festival without mooncakes? Get the kids involved in making these delicious treats. You can use pre-made mooncake molds or shape them by hand. Encourage creativity by experimenting with different fillings and designs. Since it’ll be a fun family activity, get dressed in our Abundance of Blooms collection & remember to capture the joy behind the process, and reward yourself to yummy mooncakes & plenty of memories to reminiscence in the future! 

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2. Lantern Luminary
Lanterns are an integral part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Organize a lantern decorating session with plain paper lanterns and art supplies. Your children's imagination will shine as they create their own lantern masterpieces. Catch the sunset with your family in our merry bunny outfits as you light up your beautifully decorated lanterns and watch them glow with pride. 

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3. Calligraphy Connection

Introduce your children to Chinese calligraphy. Teach them to write simple Chinese characters related to the festival, like "月" (moon) or "中秋" (Mid-Autumn). Get dressed for the activity in our Jian zhi collection as it's a great way to appreciate the artistry of the culture. 

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4. Moonlit Picnic

If the weather’s cooperating, consider having a moonlit picnic. Get dressed in our starry gaze collection since you might be able to catch some stars in the meantime. It will be recommended to along some snacks, mooncakes, and enjoy the ambiance of the festival under the night sky. It’ll be a unique way to celebrate together.  

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of togetherness, tradition, and celebration. These delightful activities will not only add joy to your family's celebration but also create lasting memories for your children. Whether you're making mooncakes or gazing at the moon, each moment is an opportunity to share cultural traditions and make this festival truly magical.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

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