How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Tired of sleep-deprived nights and a cranky baby in the morning? Here are 7 tips to get your baby to sleep better through the night.

  1. Establish a Sleep Routine
  2. Give Baby a Massage
  3. Deck Baby in Comfortable PJs
  4. Cut Out Light
  5. Introduce White Noise
  6. Set the Optimum Temperature
  7. Keep Baby Swaddled


  1. Establish a Sleep Routine

Put your baby to bed at the same time every night to help regulate their sleep pattern and body clock. Introducing routine will help baby develop good sleeping habits for the long-run and allow them to fall asleep more easily each night.


  1. Give Baby a Massage

A soothing massage right before bedtime can help baby relax and sleep longer at night. Use warm baby oil to gently massage their arms, legs and tummy.


  1. Deck Baby in Comfortable PJs

Good quality pyjamas can go a long way in helping your baby sleep well through the night. Poor quality material may cause itching to sensitive baby skin, causing them to wake from discomfort.

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  1. Cut Out Light

When your baby is in REM sleep (aka light-sleep stage), any faint beam of light from a passing car or a flash of lightning can easily wake them up. Using blackout curtains to cut out distracting sources of light can aid in creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere for baby to sleep soundly all night.


  1. Introduce White Noise

White noise like a soft hum or running water can soothe baby into a deeper sleep as it mimics the environment in the womb. Introducing white noise to signal bed time can also be integrated into your baby’s sleep routine so that they associate the sound with sleep over time.


  1. Set the Optimum Temperature

The human body sleeps best in a cool room, this applies to babies too. An optimal temperature of around 23 degrees celsius helps to give your baby a comfortable sleep through the night.


  1. Keep Baby Swaddled

Swaddling gives your baby a sense of security and familiarity to the womb. It also keeps baby safe from hitting themselves awake, thus improving their sleep quality.

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A good night’s sleep is important for your baby’s health, physical development, and mental well-being. Set the stage for your baby to become a better sleeper for a healthier, happier baby.


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