How to Prepare Your Baby for Infant Care

As you transition from maternity leave back to the workplace, it’s time to prepare your baby for infant care as well.


Infant care is available for babies as young as 2 months old up to 18 months old. With trained childcare teachers to attend to your baby, it’s a safe way for working mothers to ensure that your little one is best cared for.


However, separation anxiety can arise as this may be your child’s first time parting from mummy. Here are some tips on how to prepare your baby, and yourself, for their first time in infant care.


For younger babies:

Transit to Bottle Feeding

For babies who are used to direct latching, start transiting them from breastfeeding to bottle feeding about 1-2months before they start attending infant care. This will help them get used to being fed by edu-carers in your absence.


Tell Them What’s Happening

The tone of your voice can soothe your child’s separation anxiety. Tell them what’s happening calmly as they get used to this new routine: “Mummy is leaving now, but mummy will always come back, it’s ok.” They will mirror your emotions and reactions. Remember, if you freak out, they will freak out too.


For older babies:

Play a Game

Teach baby that sometimes, Mummy, Daddy, and even their favourite things can go away for a while, through playing games like “Peekaboo” or “Hide-an-object”.  This can help them better deal with their separation anxiety in a light-hearted way.


Use Familiar Objects

Your baby can recognize your scent. Use a familiar object that reminds them of you, to let them feel at ease in your absence. For example, you could sleep with their soft toy for a week so that it picks up your scent. Other familiar objects, such as their “chou chou” or blanket, can also give your child comfort during their time at infant care.


For yourself:

Pack and Prepare

Make you sure pack all of baby’s daily necessities so that they’re well prepared for any scenario. A spacious bag like OETEO’s Felt Tote Bag is suitable and easy to carry around.


What to Pack in Your Infant Care Bag:

  • Milk bottle, water bottle,
  • Breastmilk bag sin a cooler bag/ Formula milk
  • Baby food in containers, with utensils (if the school allows)
  • Extra diapers (pack a little extra to last the day)
  • Extra clothes (Pyjamas, tops, bottoms)

Bonus: Pack a set of Easywear onesies that come with built-in mittens and booties for extra convenience:


While this list serves as a general guide, do check with the centre in advance as rules and allowable items can differ from school to school.


Now, take a deep breathe, and look forward to a brand new chapter in baby’s life at infant care!

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