How to Protect Your Family & Keep Your Children Safe From Infectious Diseases Like Covid-19

As Singapore and the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the little ways you can keep your little ones safe from infectious diseases.

  1. Get Child-friendly Masks

  2. Protect Your Home

  3. Spend More Time Indoors

  4. Reinforce Daily Hygiene

  5. Switch to Online Shopping

  6. Keep Strong & Healthy

Get Child-friendly Masks

Apart from having good filtration capability as per the latest HSA guidelines, face masks should also fit snugly to prevent leakage of droplets.  Invest in a child-friendly mask, these often come in smaller sizes to fit your child’s face. 

Spend More Time Indoors

The more time you spend indoors, the less likely you are to pick up infectious diseases from others. Plus, staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring! You can cuddle in with junior in their most cozy homewear for a PJ party, or engage in creative crafts for quality bonding time with your baby. 

OETEO’s bamboo fabric jammies are cooling, soft and luscious on the skin, for an extra comfy home playdate with little bambino.

Protect Your Home

Each time we leave our homes, we pick up plenty of germs from the outside environment that are transported into our home when we touch door handles and lights, even before we get a chance to wash our hands. For an added layer of protection to your home, spray it down with antimicrobial coatings and disinfect high-touch surfaces at regular intervals before germs can spread to the rest of the family.

Switch to Online Shopping

There is little you can’t buy online these days – everything from baby’s diapers to strollers can be easily found with a click of a button. Why squeeze through crowded malls and risk bringing unwanted microscopic visitors back to your home? Not forgetting, online clothes shopping for both you and baby can be pretty fun too!

Here are 3 more reasons you should shop for kids clothes online.

Reinforce Daily Hygiene

Take the opportunity to instill good hygiene habits in your kids that last a lifetime. Daily rituals like properly washing hands with soap, covering mouths and noses with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and keeping a safe distance from others (especially those who are sick) will help teach your child to keep themselves safe even as they move through pre-school, where other infectious diseases like hand-foot-and-mouth disease prevail.  

Keep Strong & Healthy

The most effective protection of all is for baby to grow up healthy with a strong immune system, so that their own bodies can fight off harmful bacteria, viruses and diseases. A nutritious diet, healthy sleeping habits, and plenty of physical activity will help baby develop their body’s natural protection against infectious diseases.

 Let’s all do our part to stay vigilent and keep our families safe from COVID-19. As we say in our Camo Flash collection: When the going gets tough, tough tots get going!


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