How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

After giving birth, budget-consciousness will become one of your top priorities. You will realize that spending wisely is a must with a newborn because extra expenses will start rolling in!

Hence, while raising a child gives you a new purpose in life, it can also mean great financial pressures, particularly for first-time parents. With child care, medical bills, clothes, and other necessities to pay for, you might feel like this new responsibility is eating away every dollar you have saved up over the past few years.

How Much Can You Expect to Spend on Baby Clothes?

On average, you’ll spend about $1,000 dollar on baby clothes for the first year. It’s in addition to the diapers which is estimated to cost $750 for the first 12 months, as well as other necessities including food, formula, and childcare.

When all these ongoing expenses are factored in, you should be prepared to shell out at least $30,000 for the first year. It’s quite a sum of money and being a practical parent, you’ll want to cut down on expenses wherever possible. In this case, many would agree that saving money on clothes is the most realistic option.

As an online store for baby clothes in Singapore, we want you to enjoy the fun of dressing up your kids without having to exhaust your financial resources. In this article, we’ll share a few tips on how you can save money on your baby’s clothes.

7 Tips to Save on New Clothes for Your Baby

Shop in white. In terms of basic essentials like undershirts, socks, and underwear, buy them in white. Not only are they gender-neutral—which will come in nifty for hand-me-downs—but in case they get dirty, it will also be easy and cheap for you to bleach and restore them to their former state.

Buy end-of-season. Baby clothes don’t come cheap, so as much as possible you’ll want to shop for them when they’re discounted—and what better time to buy than end-of-season sales? In most cases, stores sell out-of-season items at up to 90% off and you surely don’t want to miss that out!

Plan ahead. Because you’re shopping for end-of-season clothes, you’ll want to buy a size or two up to make sure that the clothes will fit when the time comes around, especially if you are shopping for things like winterwear. The last thing you’d want is to buy a jacket and find out it’s a size too small when the cold weather arrives.

Get deals delivered to your email. As you keep an eye out for seasonal sales, you might as well hear about them straight from the source. Sign up for newsletters from the online brands you love so you’ll get alerted to the latest discounts and promos in your inbox.

Shop online. Bookmark our site: Here, we offer a wide range of apparels at discounted prices. You can enjoy up to 50% off across all categories for infants, toddlers, and adult styles. You can also get a 10% discount just by subscribing to our newsletter!

Re-use Clothes. On top of all these, you can’t ignore the money-saving power of hand-me-downs. Re-use your older child’s clothes for your younger one. You’ll thank yourself for storing all those clothes, particularly for this purpose.

Use Your Network. To conclude, it’s not only the hand-me-downs of your kids that you can re-use but those of your friends and relatives as well. Check with them if they have baby clothes that they’re ready to part with. You’re likely to get clothes and probably even toys for free and in good condition!

The next time you’re buying clothes for your kids, remember to invest in quality so they can last longer for your hand-me-downs (you don’t want your younger kid wearing something that looks worn out!) Clothes is one great area you can save money on, so be financially savvy and get started with planning ahead!

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