Tips For Dressing Baby

There are so many adorable outfits in the market to dress baby in and dressing baby seems to be so much fun. Soon you will realise that it is not that easy to dress a wiggly baby in a tiny baby clothing. But fear not, with these winning tips you will be a pro in dressing baby in no time.

Choose practical baby clothing, clothing that are slightly bigger in size as babies grow out of them quickly. This is with the exception for sleep wear which should fit snuggly. Look for stretchy fabrics, wide neck openings, snaps or zippers on the front of the garment.

Babies tend to have sensitive skin. Look for cotton material which tends to keep baby cooler in warm weather than synthetic materials.

It also makes sense to choose clothes that are comfortable and doesn’t restrict movements once your baby starts to move around.

Safety First

Prepare everything that you need, diaper, lotion, garment and keep everything at arm’s length before you begin to dress baby. Lay changing mat on the changing table, place baby on it and begin with the dressing. If you have forgotten something, take baby with you to grab the item. Even newborns can roll over and fall off from a high surface.

Protect Baby’s Head

Stretch neck opening as wide as you can before easing clothing over baby’s head. Reach into the sleeves and gently guide his arms out.

Make It Fun

Distract baby and make dressing a pleasant experience for baby and yourself by entertaining him with a toy, or soothe baby by talking or singing.

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