Why Do Moms Twin Outfits with Their Kids?

For quite some time, dressing your child as your exact mini-me version seemed to be way out of vogue. Lately, though, we have been seeing a trend, often hashtagged on social media as #twinning, where mom-and-daughter duos pose with their cute, matching outfits. Should you join the trend?

The History of Mother-Daughter Matching Outfits

The mother-daughter dressing has been going in and out of fashion for more than a hundred years. It first caught popularity in the early 1900s when French couturière Jeanne Lanvin introduced the trend following the birth of her only child, Marguerite. She debuted a high-end children’s clothing line in 1908, using the same expensive textiles and avant-garde styles that she used with her womenswear.

While Marguerite found matching outfits embarrassing at that time, celebrity moms and their kids today are parading around in coordinating couture outfits and actually making the style look cool! From the late Princess Diana and Prince William’s matching pale blue coats in the early ‘80s to Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s matching Gucci dresses, these A-list parents and their kids have undeniably mastered the art of twinning.

While there’s no definite answer to the question, there are, however, a handful of reasons behind the matching outfits that most moms would agree.

Reasons to twin outfit!

 It emphasises on a mother-daughter relationship

The matching outfit style flourished in a time when there was a cultural emphasis on the mother-daughter relationship. It is evident in the 1907 photograph of Jeanne and Marguerite as they attended a ball with identical outfits, with their hands clasped and eyes intertwined. The picture was full of emotions and clearly illustrates the strong bond between a mother and her daughter. The picture became so iconic that it later served as an inspiration to the Lanvin logo.

 It’s a way for moms to dress young

On top of all these, the mother-daughter twinning is also a way for moms to look and dress young. The designs are often intentionally girlish and trendy in order to emphasise on a mom’s youthfulness instead of her daughter’s maturity. Today, there are many ways moms can ride on the twinning trend and it’s largely credited to a wealth of brands offering toddler clothes online in Singapore and adult-sized counterparts to match.

While there are the likes of Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, along with Lanvin, that offer mommy-and-me outfits at hefty price tags, there are several budget-friendly options offered by many baby apparel brands in Singapore including OETEO.

Twinning outfits with your kids is a fun, creative, and interesting way to dress up. There are a lot more reasons behind the fashion, so rather than asking ‘why twin?’, ask yourself ‘why not?’

What are your thoughts about matching mom-and-daughter outfits? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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