Wonder Where To Wander On Holiday?

School holidays are finally here! It's the perfect time to explore the city with your little ones.

Still wonder where to wander? Worry not! We have curated a list of family-friendly spots with a blend of entertainment, education, and most importantly, fun. 

Time Travel at Changi Jurassic

Prepare for a dino-mite adventure at Changi Jurassic! As they learn about dinosaurs through interactive exhibits and replicas, it's a roaring good time for the entire family.

Itinerary for a great day in Singapore: Episode 02 - SilverKris

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Animal Loving at Dairy Farm Nature Park

For a day filled with furry friends, Dairy Farm Nature Park is the best place to go. Let your little ones interact with animals and learn the wonders of nature. From playful goats to chirpy birds, it's a fun experience that will leave them with big smiles. 

Dairy Farm Nature Park. Singapore Quarry. Hiking with the kiddos.#themerx  #sg2020 #simplejoy #bewithnature - MY LIFE CHRONICLES

Splashing Joy at Gardens by the Bay Waterpark

Beat the Singaporean heat by taking a dip at the Gardens by the Bay Waterpark. Your kids will splash around, giggling with joy! Don't forget to capture those precious moments as they cool down in the refreshing water. 

Far East Organization Children's Garden


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Whimsical Adventure at Alice in Wonderland Playground

Take a trip down the rabbit hole at the Alice in Wonderland Playground! Let their imaginations run wild as they explore and play. A fun way to include magic in between the holidays. 

Alice In Wonderland Playground At Dawson Vista: Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dum &  The Cheshire Cat - Little Day Out

Outdoor Play at Jurong Lakeside Gardens

Craving some fresh air and outdoor fun? Head to the beautiful Jurong Lakeside Gardens. Whether it's cycling, picnic, or simply enjoying the view, this park can be a perfect escape from the city hustle. Let your kids burn off some energy while you have family time. 

Jurong Lake Gardens—Penjelajahan alam dan keseruan keluarga – Visit  Singapore Situs Web Resmi

Worried about the heat and sun? We got you covered!  

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Enjoy your holiday break, embrace your precious moments with Oeteo.  

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