sayang sayang peranakan collection

Our newest 'Sayang Sayang' collection is here to steal your hearts. Inspired by endearing stories of yesteryear and the beautiful Peranakan heritage. We present to you our never-before limited edition collection. 

camo flash collection

When the going gets tough, tough tots get going!
Developed to conceal and protect soldiers, Camo prints strike the perfect balance between standing out and blending in. Both functional and stylish, OETEO’s Camo Flash Collection reminds us and our little tots to stay brave and resilient during these tough times. Let’s march on with Camo in our spirit and on our sleeves!

road trip collection

Little moments in life often create the best memories of a lifetime. OETEO Road Trip Collection features the joyous moments that put a smile on a child. A cosy car ride to the beach, a delightful picnic by the park or a kite flying session with the family to build the memory bank. Now, load up the food, fill up the fuel tank and let’s go for a ride!

starry gaze collection

Inspired by the tranquillity of the night sky as it embraces the little stars that twinkle brightly, just like our little ones.Expect a new sparkling collection that covers you from new born essentials up to toddler novelty apparels.

jian zhi (剪紙) collection

Inspired by traditional Chinese folk art, Jianzhi (剪紙) is a collection that showcases the tradition of paper cutting. It is often seen on occasions such as wedding, child-birth or Spring Festivals to portray symbols of luck and happiness.We introduced elements of spring, nostalgic sweets and snacks into this collection, designed tastefully with our Asian heritage in mind.

love from above

Every child is a gift of love from above, sent via the hot air balloons to you.