Road Trip Easysuit Baby Sleep Bag (Green)

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Little Moments in Life often create the best memories of a lifetime. OETEO Road Trip Collection features the joyous moments that put a smile on a child. A cozy car ride to the beach, a delightful picnic by the park, or a kite flying session with the family to build the memory bank. Now, load up the food, fill up the fuel tank and let’s go for a ride!

The latest addition to our product line – The Easysuit Sleep bag helps to keep your little one warm and snug. An alternative to blankets, the sleep bag is great for babies who are transiting from swaddling – keeping them safe and secure while having room for them to wriggle. Comes with a 2-way zipper for ease of diaper changing in the middle of the night!
Available in size 0-6M, length up to 25.5 inches

Weight 0.14 kg



100% Cotton

easysuit sgd

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