putting the fun back into parenthood, one apparel at a time

Question, parents. When was the last time baby changing duties brought a smile to your face?

Can’t remember? We guessed as much. The question really bothered us, though. So much so that we came up with an entire brand dedicated to baby apparel. Or shall we say, a brand that rethinks how baby apparel is designed and made.

Unsurprisingly, our story began with way too many diaper blowouts, and a pair of defeated parents. Yup. That’s us, Joanne and Wilson. While wrestling with unruly rompers and an upset child, we figured there must be other couples out there facing the same plight. I mean, there has to be a better way to design these tiny clothes. Right?

In 2017, OETEO was born. That’s “ee-tay-o”, spoken with the newfound zest and energy after using our products. Combining 40 years of experience in the apparel industry, and a whole lot of creativity, we successfully created a line of fuss-free and incredibly comfortable baby apparel.

One of our first and best-loved products is our award-winning EASYEO Easy-To-Wear rompers, a first-of-its-kind baby romper without snaps, zips or buttons. How’s that for convenience?

But we’re more than just a fun brand name and a clever product. OETEO is built on the belief that parenting should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether it’s Daddy, Mummy or Baby.

Our 4 little ones may have already outgrown our baby apparel. But together with our dedicated team at Oeteo, we remain ever committed to developing more styles with the mission of making parenting enjoyable for everyone, in style and in comfort.

Because these moments, precious as they are, don’t happen twice. And we want you to embrace the moment, knowing that everything else has been taken care of.  

why we do what we do?

every child is precious and unique and worth our every effort to protect and nurture

how do we do it?

to create thoughtful designs and experiences, and making it accessible to all parents

our vision for the future

to become a trusted and iconic brand for baby apparel, loved by families around asia and beyond

our core values

thoughtful & empathetic

We apply thoughtful innovation to all aspects of our work, because your child deserves nothing less. Through constant R&D, we ensure that our products are high quality, safe and comfortable.

optimistic & playful

Just like your little one, we approach life with a creative zest. We’re one community, and our team is very passionate about bringing joy to every family around us.

accessible & modern

Every child loves comfort and quality. We strive to address your needs as a parent, while keeping pace with the latest styles.

our innovations

OETEO protects and nurtures every child through designing fuss-free and quality baby apparels that are accessible to all parents


Rompers with no buttons, snaps or zips!


Rompers with built in mittens & footies


multi-functional blanket & pillow


multi-functional beanie, skirt or bib


two-way zipper suit & blanket

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