Mummy & Baby Hospital Bag Packing List

As mums ourselves who have gone through the whole scary process of childbirth, we know how important a packing list is, so we’ve written this post that you can save for when it’s your turn to bring a beautiful little human into the world!

Your hospital bag should be ready for you to grab and go by the time the gestation age of a baby hits 34 weeks. This means that most of the baby items should be prepared between week 30 to week 34 – From washing of your newborn’s apparel to getting the right diaper size!

Things you should pack into your hospital bag:

Essentials for yourself

● Important documents such as your admission letter, NRIC and marriage cert (if any)

● Two sets of button-down pyjamas for ease of breastfeeding during your hospital stay.

● A set of nursing-friendly outfits to feed your little one on the go during homecoming.

● 2-3 nursing bras if you have plans to breastfeed

● Breast pads to prevent your milk from staining your clothes

● Breast pump to stimulate the milk when the baby is in the nursery. It is also a good chance to learn how to operate your breast pump from the lactation lady if you have no prior experience.

● Nipple cream. It is good to stand by some nipple cream incase of nipple crack – Ouch, we know.

● Toiletries for showering before birth and prior to your discharge.

● 1 packet of overnight/ heavy flow sanitary pads (As you will experience bleeding from your womb (uterus) soon after your baby is born. The bleeding is known as Lochia, and will happen whether you had a vaginal or a caesarean birth.)

● Mobile phone and charger –  To keep yourself entertained and capture the precious memories of your new little addition.

Baby Essentials

● 1 set of homecoming clothes for your baby upon discharge – Check out our welcome set that includes everything you need to cover your baby from head to toe. Babies are more sensitive to temperature than we are as adults, and a room that feels fine for us can be pretty chilly for the baby. Our welcome set includes:

  1. A beanie
  2. An EASYEO romper that makes dressing so easy and fuss-free
  3. Removable bib
  4. A pair of mittens
  5. A pair of booties
  6. A blanket, all to keep the baby nice and warm.

● 2-3 Pieces of diapers

● Baby wipes

● A milk bottle

With all these, you are ready to grab and go once you experience the signs of labour!

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