Safety Hazards in Kids’ Clothes You Should Know

Dressing up children is not as simple as it seems. Parents and guardians have quite a number of considerations when they shop for clothes for their beloved babies. When poorly designed, children’s clothing can present actual risks for kids who are young and oblivious to their surroundings.


The best manufacturers of baby apparel in Singapore have stepped up their precautionary methods and their safety standards, becoming more careful in design, labelling, and production to reduce any potential risks to children.

The recognised hazards that parents and guardians alike should be aware of are the following:

1. Small Parts

Any object that can easily be swallowed by a child is considered hazardous because it can cause choking. There are certain components of kids’ clothing that can be accidentally detached, such as rivets, buttons, zippers, hooks, bows, and other decorative labels. Some are even more dangerous due to its sharp edges that can lacerate a child’s oesophagus when accidentally swallowed.

2. Drawstrings

These are cords and ties that are long enough to cause accidents when caught on doors, handrails, or even moving vehicles. Drawstrings at the hood are considered to be the most hazardous as they can cause strangulation. Hence, when buying a gift set of baby products, always double-check the measurement of drawstrings. For kids, cords and ties measure to no more than three inches, it should also have bartacks instead of just knots and should be sewn at seamlessly, to avoid the possibilities of the fabric being ripped apart, thus exposing the drawstring.

3. Toxic Substances 

Fancy and cute children’s clothes are one of the most in-demand items in the kids’  fashion industry. If you are a mum, you would know that on some days, your kid turns into a fashionista who insists on pairing two items that absolutely do not complement each other. Even kids enjoy dressing up and have an idea of what looks amazing on them! Many kidswear has sparkly embellishments and colours that contain chemicals. Phthalates and lead found in plastics and coloured paint are the most common hazards that are associated with children’s clothing. Both are considered toxic substances that can damage organs with prolonged exposure. Our products carry the OEKO-TEX® standard that ensures that they have been tested for harmful substances. Harmless clothes that are safe for your children’s health? Check.

4. Flammable Fabrics

This usually occurs with sleepwear that is designed to be light, soft, and comfy for kids. It includes nightgowns, pyjamas, robes, onesies, and loungewear. Sleepwear for children is usually flowy and loose, and could, in unfortunate circumstances, come into contact with ignition sources such as stoves, candles, matches, and lighters. If the sleepwear is made of cheap material instead of quality ones, it could rapidly burn and completely be ashes in under 150 seconds, hence endangering the lives of these children.

Kids are more vulnerable to these potential risks and they definitely need closer supervision. Hence, knowing the above safety hazards would help parents and guardians to be wiser when shopping for baby apparel around Singapore. At the end of the day, there is nothing like the peace one feels when they know that they have done everything in their power to reduce potential risks and harm that their precious children could be exposed to.

Now that you have been aware of these hazards, you can start to shop online for baby clothes in Singapore today!

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