Useful gifts for new parents

Every new parent should expect a baby shower soon. It’s a remarkable event in a new mom’s life and hence, worthy of celebration. There is one problem as guests, though—the gifts!

Clothes, diapers, pacifiers—these presents are great for the baby, but how about the parents? When purchasing gifts, one can consider purchasing something of use to the parents as well. This will help to diversify the types of gifts you can get – especially if you are the type who needs some inspiration when it comes to getting gifts!

If you know someone who’s a first-time parent, consider giving them something they can use for themselves and/or their baby!

Besides the usual baby apparel, what other gifts are perfect for new parents? Check out some of these useful gifts every parent will find useful:

The Best Gifts For New Parents

1. Natural Baby Balm

Did you know that even adults can use natural baby balm? While baby balms are designed for newborns, grown-ups can use it as a moisturiser to keep their skin smooth and soft. Natural baby balms are organic, non-toxic, and safe for both the baby and parents. They also help heal cuts and reduce skin inflammation. It’s a must-have for parents to ensure that will come in handy in many occasions, both for the parents and the baby.

2. Thermal Bottle

Mothers need to drink a lot of water to produce milk. The simplest gift of all: a thermal bottle, also known as a thermos. Glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic bottles are all great choices as well if you can’t find a thermal bottle.

A thermos is also perfect for red-date tea that mommies commonly drink during the confinement period as well. Nobody like lukewarm tea! It’s also great for storing warm water used to make babies’ formula milk.

3. Multi-Purpose Bag For Parents

When it comes to accessories, all parents would agree that a bag is one of the best gifts ever because nothing comes in handier when you have a baby in tow.
If you are thinking of a bag, we 
would suggest getting a lightweight multi-purpose bag for items like milk bottles, diapers and extra clothes for everyday trips.
These items can get heavy quickly, so  lightweight bag will really help the moms and dads you are gifting it to!

For stylish and sustainable multi-purpose bag, you can check out our OETEO felt tote bag.

4. Functional Blankets

Carefree sleep is essential for both the parents and their babies – a cranky baby can be really hard to handle. To help a baby sleep well, comfortable bedding is essential. OETEO’s functional BLANKEO allows the caregiver to transform it from a blanket to a pillow when the baby is awake, and a pillow to a blanket whenever the baby is asleep. The BLANKEO is so compact, you can bring it anywhere!

5. Massager

Taking care of a newborn is exhausting, especially during the first few months. Both the father and mother could use some time off once in a while. Maybe a multi-functional massager is a perfect gift?

A multi-purpose massager that can be used for their back, shoulders, neck, and even feet is a great option – If you have kids, you will understand when we say they can cause aches in places you never knew could ache! 

These are just some of the gifts you can give to first-time parents! For a little bit of everything, check out our gift set with a variety of baby products. Some of our bundles cover the baby essentials so you won’t have to go through the hassle of mixing and matching your gifts.


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