Practical Tips to Mix and Match Your Kids’ Outfits

Let’s be honest – we all have had those crazy mornings when your kids seem to have nothing to wear, not because you haven’t done the laundry yet but because their outfits just aren’t quite coming together.

While we can’t literally dress the kids for you, we can share with you a few tips on how to mix and match your kid’s outfits. One of the most typical feedback we hear from our clients at OETEO is how all our clothes for baby boys, baby girls, and toddlers can easily match whatever occasion or style their kids wish to do for the day. So, if you’re wondering how to put a perfect outfit together, you know you’ve come to the right place as we know the secrets to making you and your little one happy with what they’re wearing.

How to Mix and Match Your Kids’ Outfits

Stock Up on Staples

The first step to mixing and matching is to invest in basic essentials. A pair of leggings, for instance, proves to be purposeful as it works almost with everything. It can be worn as a great layer on colder days and can be dressed up or down just as easily.


Shop in Solid Colours

In addition to having wardrobe essentials, it’s equally important to shop in solid colours that can easily match any shirts with eye-catching prints, patterns, and style. Think of denim or neutral-coloured bottoms – white, grey, khaki, and black – bottoms and you’ll be surprised how much of a life-saver they are in mornings as such.

Think of Colour Schemes

All the same, you don’t have to limit your options to neutrals. Pair them with other colours for a bolder statement. But, as a rule of thumb, limit your colours to a maximum of three for each outfit. Otherwise, you risk the look to be anything but pleasing to the eye.

Purchase Separates

Clothes that are purchased as a set are meant to go together and more often than not, you don’t get to use them as much as you intended. Whereas with separates, you afford their versatility to pair well with different tops and bottoms and this way, you can have multiple outfits with only a few different items.


Every mix-and-match outfit needs some kind of a statement piece to jazz things up. Look for accessories that can be worn a lot. A dainty necklace or a neat hair clip for your girl, for instance, and a digital watch or a baseball cap for your little boy can be a great way to make the outfit look new again!

Kids fashion trends come and go, but at OETEO, we believe mixing and matching your kids’ outfit is one way to keep their look classy and up to date at the same time. For the best part, it makes your rush mornings easier too as it saves you the time spent in what seems to be hours of finding the perfect outfit.

As a online provider of toddler clothes in Singapore, we made things even more convenient for you as our well-loved clothes for baby girls and baby boys are easily at reach at your fingertips! Embrace OETEO and shop from our website today!

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